Tombstones and memorials are a beautiful way of immortalising and memorising your loved ones for many years to come. These significant monuments are designed in order to not only provide you with a place where you can pay your respects, but also to honour the memory of your loved ones in an elegant and dignified manner. We at Camilleri Marble Works Ltd aim towards providing our clients with tasteful yet refined and ornate tombstones and memorials.

When it comes to monuments, we at Camilleri Marble Works Ltd offer you both a simple one that gets the message across, or a more elaborate work of art which will serve as a testament to your ancestors.

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From traditional designs to more modern and plain ones, our granite and marble tombstones are made using either a precious metal engraving or by attaching letters on the headstone.

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At Camilleri Marble Works Ltd we use a variety of granite and marble in order to create a selection of markers, tombstones and monuments which are used as a remembrance for your loved ones. At our Gudja-based store you can find a selection of memorials made from a range of natural marbles and granites crafted by us in a manner which you most favour.

When it comes to material choices, granite is one of the most suitable elements, as it is durable and less steep price-wise. It can be engraved, polished or partially polished in order to provide you with the finish that you are looking for.

Marble on the other hand is ideal for anyone who is looking for a more refined finish with a smooth feel. Marble can also be engraved and polished in order to provide you with a beautiful and shiny end result. It is an easy to clean and easy to restore material which is both durable and resistant to harsh elements. When it comes to marble, we can also provide you with statues to go along with any desired tombstone.

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We engrave memorial tombstones or work with bronze to form letters in order to attach them to the stone itself.
With Camilleri Marble Works Ltd you can get a range of finishes when it comes to headstones. This is extremely important as the chosen finish will affect the durability of the stone itself, while altering its appearance into a more desired presentation. We can provide you with a smooth and shiny polished headstone and even a partially polished one which is sanded or blasted in a way that puts more attention on the pictures and epitaphs attached to it.

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